Understanding Your First Invoice

The most common billing support question concerns the first bill for new customers.

Mercury bills on a prepaid basis, and your billing cycle is based on your installation date.  At installation, you should have paid an installation fee plus the first month’s service.  For example, if your service was installed on March 18, you have paid through April 17.

You should receive your billing statements 20 days prior to your next due date. In this example, you would receive a statement around March 27 with payment due April 17.

So, you get your first invoice only 10 days after installation, but each invoice thereafter is 30 days apart.


Understanding Your Statements

Each month, you should receive a billing statement 20 days prior to its due date.  For customers using autopay, the statement is just FYI. If you’re not on autopay, make life easier by signing-up!

For those still not using autopay, you will need to make your payment prior to the due date.  Please click on the following link to see a visual explanation of our billing statements:

Understanding Your Statements

How to Access Your Account Online

Managing your account is easy using our online account management feature.  Use this link for instructions on how to access your account:

Accessing your account online