Mercury Broadband Launches Aggressive Fiber-Optic Construction Initiative Across the State of Michigan

Company to Offer State-of-the-Art Broadband Services to Over 44,000 Households and 6,000 Businesses Covering Over 5,000 Constructed Route Miles

Kansas City, Mo. – July 13, 2022

Garrett Wiseman, Co-Founder and Chief Executive of Mercury Broadband announced today the company has launched an aggressive initiative to construct over 5,000 route miles of state-of-the-art fiber-optic Broadband Internet services to homes and businesses in under-served, rural areas across the State of Michigan. The company plans to serve more than 44,000 residential households and 6,000 business locations in Michigan as part of this initiative. The company will hold a ground-breaking event at 11am ET today at 60597 State Route 66 in Centreville, Michigan to celebrate the start of this new initiative.

“We are so excited to enter this new phase of expansion for our company and are looking forward to advancing fiber technology and broadband Internet to rural and under-served communities across the State of Michigan”, said Mr. Wiseman. “Our company is passionate about bringing high-quality broadband services to areas that have been traditionally ignored or under-served. Our fiber project will help close the digital divide and enable multiple, smaller communities in Michigan to enjoy the benefits of this technology and have the same capabilities that larger cities offer”.

The company recently launched their very first Broadband services to homes and businesses using fixed wireless technology in the rural and surrounding areas across Kalamazoo County – including the areas of Calhoun, St. Joseph, Berrien, Cass, Eaton, Counties. Robert C. Dow II was named the new General Manager for Mercury Broadband in Kalamazoo area and is leading the company’s efforts for this new service center region. The Ann Arbor/Jackson area is planned to launch this fall and will be followed by 5 additional new service centers across the state. Justin Girardot has been named General Manager for the company’s Ann Arbor/Jackson service center area and recruiting is currently underway for the other new markets. Overall, the company plans to hire over 325 employees across the state by the end of 2023.

Today’s ground-breaking event will be attended by top company executives and executives from several key strategic business partners including Calix, Vermeer, Duraline, AFL, and Tel-quip.

As part of Mercury Broadband’s growth plan, the company has recently launched their new enhanced broadband services for both residential and small business customers. Mercury@Home was launched in January of 2022 and Mercury@Work launched in May. Both of these services provide customers with a “Smarter Internet” experience and provide a managed Wi-Fi capability, smartphone applications to monitor and control how they use their Internet connection, and provide the customer with a much more robust, overall Internet experience. Calix provides Mercury with their signature GigaSpire BLAST 6 Wi-Fi Routers along with network infrastructure technology through both their Calix Support Cloud and Calix Marketing Cloud platforms.

Both Mercury@Home and Mercury@Work services are currently available in select markets across Mercury Broadband service center areas throughout Kansas, Indiana, Missouri, and now expanding into Michigan. Interested customers should visit or call tollfree 1-800-354-4915 for more information.

About Mercury Broadband

Mercury Broadband is a leading provider of high-speed Internet and digital phone services for homes and businesses across select rural markets in the Midwest. The company was founded in Topeka, KS., after recognizing a need for broadband services in these underserved markets. A hybrid approach to serving these “last mile” customers was developed by extending high-capacity fiber optic networks with the range, reliability, and flexibility of carrier-class wireless technologies to provide next generation services to customers.

For more information regarding Mercury Broadband, visit or call toll free 1-800-354-4915. For media relations, contact 913-728-2142.