Mercury Broadband Announces New Collaboration with Connectronics and CITEL, INC., to Design Advanced Surge and Lightning Protection for Broadband Tower Infrastructure

New Strategic Partnership Enables Mercury Broadband to Enhance Fixed Wireless Network Protection and Reliability in the Event of Strong Lightning and Power Surge Events.

Kansas City, Mo. – September 28, 2022

Garrett Wiseman, Co-Founder and Chief Executive of Mercury Broadband
announced today a new strategic partnership with Connectronics and CITEL, INC., to deploy 48V tower mounted surge protection (CRDIN48-01) for safeguarding critical tower installations from the damaging effects of lightning and power surges across the Mercury Broadband fixed wireless network, while providing for ease of installation and serviceability. This kind of protection is critical for broadband services to assure maximum uptime and reliability, especially in high lightning exposure regions of the Midwest and upper Midwest.

“We are very excited to enter this new strategic partnership with Connectronics and CITEL, INC., to limit the risk and exposure strong storms can have on our wireless broadband network”, said Mr. Wiseman. “Our company is passionate about bringing high-quality, reliable broadband services to communities that have been traditionally ignored or under-served. This new strategic partnership enhances our commitment to quality and reliability for our customers and we are excited to work with both companies going forward”.

In 2021, Vaisala sensors detected more than 194 million lightning strikes in the lower 48 state with most of these lightning events happening in the central and southeast parts of the United States. Remote radio head systems and active antenna systems (5G) must be protected against lightning induced surges and specifically on the DC power ports entering antennas. This new partnership will support robust, tower mounted protection that is easy to install and service for Mercury Broadband technicians and provide maximum reliability to Mercury Broadband customers.

The new CRDIN48-01 will be installed as part of Mercury Broadband’s hybrid fixed-wireless and fiber-optic network that provides broadband services to underserved communities across parts of Kansas, Indiana, Missouri, and Michigan. Future deployments are planned for additional areas across Ohio and Illinois.

Mercury Broadband services are available continuously expanding across the aforementioned states. Interested customers should visit or call tollfree 1-800-354-4915 for more information.

About Mercury Broadband

Mercury Broadband is a leading provider of high-speed Internet and digital phone services for homes and businesses across select rural markets in the Midwest. The company was founded in Topeka, KS., after recognizing a need for broadband services in these underserved markets. A hybrid approach to serving these “last mile” customers was developed by extending high-capacity fiber optic networks with the range, reliability, and flexibility of carrier-class wireless technologies to provide next generation services to customers.

For more information regarding Mercury Broadband, visit or call toll free 1-800-354-4915. For media relations, contact 913-728-2142.

About Connectronics

Connectronics is a value-added, stocking distributor of wireless and wired connectivity products, selling to VAR’s, System Integrators and Service Providers in North America since 1982. The technical sales and engineering staff provides assistance in the design, development, and sales of wireless backhaul, mesh, last mile, and other connectivity solutions. Connectronics provides knowledgeable and timely pre-sales & post-sales support with a staff that is technical, responsive, and committed to the success of our partners. For more information, please visit


Since 1937, CITEL a global leader in Surge Protection, has been keeping the world’s critical networks and equipment protected from transient overvoltage’s. Whether a large magnitude lightning strike or the relentless barrage of switching events, our surge protectors keep sensitive electronics safe and operations uninterrupted. CITEL’s thorough understanding of local standards and regulations, along with a continuous investment in R&D, inspire us to design, manufacture and supply millions of SPD’s each year to our clients who are conscious of the danger transients pose and actively take steps to eliminate those threats. For more information, please visit CITEL Surge Protection.