High speed internet is no longer a luxury, it is a necessity in modern life. More and more daily activities rely on access to reliable, high speed internet. Unfortunately, many rural communities in our country are without access to broadband internet. High construction cost and low population density make it cost prohibitive for ISPs to serve rural customers. Luckily, there are still options for rural communities to receive reliable, high speed internet.

Mercury Broadband was founded in Topeka, KS, after recognizing a need for Broadband Internet access in rural America. A hybrid approach to serving these “last-mile” customers was developed by extending high capacity fiberoptic networks with the range, reliability, and flexibility of carrier-class wireless technologies.

Why should rural communities care about access to high-speed internet?

Help Maintain and Grow the Community

Access to high-speed internet is another important utility people consider when moving to an area. More aspects of modern life rely on reliable internet connections, and people are less likely to move to an area without access to broadband internet.

Vital Telehealth Connectivity

Those who need access to telehealth the most are often less likely to be able to connect with telehealth. Poor or slow internet connection makes telehealth and virtual doctor visits nearly impossible. This is a catch-22, because the further you are from a physician, the more likely you are to not have access to internet reliable or fast enough to complete telehealth visits.

Distance Learning

With the outbreak of the Coronavirus, more and more schools had to rely on distance learning to continue with their school years. Unfortunately, distance learning requires every student have access to internet that is fast enough and reliable enough to connect to video calls with their class. Even when classes are in person, access to the internet is an invaluable tool for students.

Increase Job Growth

Land availability and workforce are all well and good, but it will be hard to entice business development without access to a high-speeds network. Large businesses need access to their entire network to be able to consider areas for expansion.

Keep Local Business

Giving local businesses access to high-speed internet allow them to expand their customer base beyond local customers, giving them access to sell on global platforms. Expanding customer bases will help keep local businesses open and strengthen the local economy.

Access to the internet is the backbone of the modern economy. Whether it gives businesses access to global markets, students access to distance learning, or allows people to virtually visit with their doctor, broadband internet is one of the most important utilities to participate in everyday life. Connecting and expanding broadband internet access to rural communities is of the utmost importance. Mercury Broadband offers fast, reliable and unlimited internet access to connect and empower the communities we serve.