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with mercury broadband

Get Connected

Strong, reliable Internet is essential.  Businesses need robust connectivity to profitably grow and sustain their business.

That’s why Mercury @ WorkTM delivers high-performing network connections all the way into the hands of your employees and customers. We reliably connect your business with the speed it needs to achieve.

We understand the breadth of challenges faced by small and medium businesses. We also know businesses can be transformed with the right network solutions.

That’s why we designed our Business Essential service with built-in flexibility for businesses to tailor WAN and LAN networks to their specific needs.

Mercury helps you simplify management of your network. Our turnkey approach relieves the burden of buying, configuring, and maintaining network hardware and software.

It’s like we’ve extended our Mercury IT staff out to your premises! We make it easy, so you can focus on your business rather than your network.

Plenty of reliable bandwidth for most small to medium businesses. Easy to add more as your business grows. Connect your business with the speed it needs to thrive.

Turnkey Business-Class Mercury Wi-Fi includes new Wi-Fi 6 router. Avoid cost and hassle of buying, setting-up and maintaining router. Enjoy the freedom to focus on your business!

Advanced, built-in, multi-layered cybersecurity protects your network from hackers, viruses and other malicious threats. It's a standard, necessary feature.

Mercury @ WorkTM app puts you in full control of your Mercury Wi-Fi. Its easy-to-use interface allows you to change and optimize your business's Wi-Fi experience.

Easily prioritize bandwidth, devices, and applications for optimal performance. No more choppy voice and video conferences.

Dedicated business toll-free line for you to speak directly with our highest-qualified sales and support personnel: (800) 354 - 5452.

  • Our smarter Internet includes the Mercury @ WorkTM mobile app. It is one of the tools we provide to simplify network management while providing you with full control of how your business enjoys the network.
  • Easily control access to your Wi-Fi and create guest networks for your customers.
  • Prioritize user, devices and applications to optimize performance when it counts.
  • Protect your employees and customers with content access and filtering controls.
  • Use alerts and visual diagnostics for quick identification of performance issues.

Mercury @ WorkTM Digital Phone Service provides turnkey, managed digital phone systems for unlimited local and long-distance calling in the US.

Buying, configuring, and managing business phone systems can be painful. Not with Mercury. For years we have been helping businesses with digital phone systems. For a simple monthly fee, we will provide, install, and remotely manage your whole phone system. Talk to your business sales person to learn more about how Mercury can improve and simplify your phone system.