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Speeds up to 100Mbps

Make the switch and save!

Make the switch and save. Bundle digital phone service with your internet plan and take $10 off your internet service. Local or long distance, call who you want, when you want, all while keeping your current phone number!

How does digital phone service work?

Instead of relying on old analog systems to make phone calls, digital phone service uses your high-speed internet connection to make phone calls. This means you get clear, consistent, unlimited phone service for cheaper than a traditional land line.

All of our Plans Include:

Mercury 10


  • Email, Shopping, and Homework
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Mercury 30


  • Casual Gaming and Virtual Meetings
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Mercury 100


  • Multiple Users and Video Streaming
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Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Mercury Broadband offers a 14 day money back guarantee for all of our new customers. Anyone who is unsatisfied for whatever reason and chooses to discontinue service will receive a full refund. Mercury will honor a 100% money back guarantee including the installation charge.

Connect With Your Friends and Family Today.

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Residential Services

Mercury Broadband has all of your home Internet needs covered. Whether you are a gamer, want to stay connected with family and friends, need to work from home, or are looking to stream your favorite movies and shows, Mercury has a plan for you.

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Business Services

Mercury Broadband has all of your business internet needs covered. Grow your business and better serve your customers with unlimited high speed internet with no data caps and local support.

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