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Frequently Asked Questions

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Our Mercury @ Home™ and Mercury @ Work™ services make troubleshooting quick and easy for homeowners, business owners, and even us! Regardless of which Mercury service you are using, please go to: Tech Support

Mercury @ Home services are faster, better and cheaper than our legacy broadband services, which are based on older technologies. We include a new Wi-Fi 6 router and an easy-to-use management app at no extra cost. We also have migration programs designed to eliminate the potential inconvenience of upgrading!

Yes, our Wi-Fi service requires our Mercury Momentum™ Wi-Fi 6 router, which gives you and Mercury unique capabilities. You will get better, more consistent quality of service with our router versus other, older routers. Most importantly, Mercury can quickly troubleshoot and resolve any issues that may arise with your Internet experience through the use of our Momentum router.

We strongly advise against the use of other extenders. Our Momentum mesh extenders are specifically designed to work hand-in-glove with our Wi-Fi 6 Momentum routers. Additionally, the signal provided by our routers is much stronger than traditional routers, thus potentially eliminating the need for any extenders. Mercury would also lose visibility to any devices connected to your personal extender, eliminating potential support for customer-provided extenders and limiting our ability to help. Keep in mind that all extenders (even ours) have a speed penalty and deliver slower speeds than a direct Wi-Fi or Ethernet connection.

The speed experienced by Wi-Fi users is usually slower than the Internet speed delivered to your home as there is always a Wi-Fi connection penalty. While using a speed test, you should (on average) see speeds approaching the upper stated limit. Speeds can fluctuate continuously due to various factors including:

– Network congestion within a given service area as a result of unusual demand and excessive usage rates, which can occur at certain times of day as usage peaks.
– Internet congestion beyond our network that is out of our control and can be based on server or program congestion from that select provider.
– Unusual, temporary signal interference

All Internet Service Providers recognize the volatility of the Internet, which is why no one guarantees a constant, steady speed 100% of the time. Our engineering department continuously monitors network performance to identify and address any areas with abnormal or recurring congestion issues.

Your service technician can take some time to show you the installation process and use of the smartphone app in the comfort of your own home. This two-minute video in our Helpful Videos section also gives a great overview of the setup and navigation in the app.

Yes, you must download and activate the app. Mercury’s installation service technician will walk you through the quick setup of the app. You don’t have to use the app often; however, it is powerful and extremely intuitive to use. Be sure to watch the Introduction to @ Home App video in our Helpful Videos section.

Tap on the “Forgot Password” button underneath the Login button on the Login page for the app or on our website. Enter the email address tied to the account and press submit. A reset link will be sent to your email.

The Wi-Fi network name is the SSID name users will look for.
First, your password should not be something easy to guess, such as password.

1. Open your Mercury @ Home smartphone app
2. From the main dashboard page, click on My Network
3. On the Networks screen, select your home Wi-Fi network
4. In the upper right-hand corner, choose Edit
5. To rename your Wi-Fi network, set the security for your network or reset your Wi-Fi password, simply tap the prompts offered to make changes
6. When finished, tap Done

Within a few moments, your new SSID (Wi-Fi network name) will show up. All your connected devices will need to have this information updated accordingly.
Please refer to this one-minute video, How to Change Network Password, for easy instructions. (Hyperlink: How to Change Network Password to the Helpful Videos page)

Follow these steps:

1. From the main dashboard page, tap the plus sign
2. Tap the Networks tab to create a secondary network
3. On the Add Network page, select the type of network
4. Type the SSID network name (the visible name, ex. Smith Home Guests) that you want to use
5. Keep Isolation toggle on
6. For Duration, the default is “Endless”, but you can toggle to define the specific time period to keep that network active
7. Tap Done

Please refer to the short video, How to Set Up Guest Network, for visual instructions. (Hyperlink: How to Set Up Guest Network to the Helpful Videos page)

Yes, given the device is in working order and is able to be properly connected, your current home phone can be used with our phone service.

Our digital phone service uses voice over Internet (VOIP) technology to connect your calls nationwide with no long-distance charges (or hidden fees.) Technology has advanced so much over the past 25 years that digital voice call quality is as good (if not better) than those made using 140+ years-old technology.

You may have noticed that your monthly bill has been steadily going up and is much bigger than 20 years ago. It is hard to find traditional phone service today for less than $40-$50 per month. Mercury Digital Phone service costs only $20 per month when used with one of our @ Home Internet services.

Yes, and in most cases, even more! Available for $20 per month when bundled with one of our Internet service packages, our Digital Phone service has an array of features to suit your everyday needs, including:

– Caller ID (showing name and phone number!)
– Unlimited Local and Long-Distance calling (in the US and Canada)
– Call Forwarding, Waiting, Return and Blocking!
– Voicemail Access and Voicemail Box
– Keep your existing phone number

No additional equipment is required. You can still use your existing phones and phone jacks. Our phone service is integrated into our Mercury Momentum router and configured back at our cloud services center. Our router supports up to two phone lines (numbers.)

The phone service requires power. Customers who want to ensure phone service is available, even when the power goes out, use battery back-up, which can also provide power for their Internet service.

Mercury bills on a prepaid basis, and your billing cycle is based on your installation date. At installation, you should have paid an installation fee plus the first month’s service. The initial invoice will be generated within 24 hours of installation and be sent via E-mail or postal mail on the next business day. So, you get your first invoice only 10 days after installation, but each invoice thereafter is 30 days apart. As an example, if you are installed on January 1st, your initial statement will be sent to you on the next business day, due on receipt.
Your second statement will generate 20 days before the next due date. This means your second statement will arrive approximately 10 days after the first. Both your first and second statements are exempt from late charges to allow you time to establish your account, payment method and address any questions you have with the initial statements.

Please click on the following link to see a visual explanation of our billing statements: Understanding Your Statements

If you upgrade, downgrade, add or remove any services or if you are assessed any charges or credits, they will be applicable on the next billing cycle. For example, if your payment is due January 1st, your statement will generate around December 10th and any applicable changes to the account will be processed. If a change was made between December 10th and January 1st, it will be covered in the next statement (for example, January 10th.)

On the website, click on the Login button in the upper right corner of any page, go to Manage Autopay Settings [TW1] and follow the instructions for the automatic bill-pay. [TW1]When new customer portal launches in May, change wording to Billing & Payment

We keep it simple. Mercury does not charge any usage, overage, or equipment rental fees. Our recurring Internet charges are not subject to any taxes or fees. Installation, labor, hardware, custom configuration, or digital phone services are all subject to local sales tax. Mercury may, at our discretion, charge late fees, or suspension fees when payments are not processed by the due date listed on the statement.

If you have received a late payment, suspension, or collections notification, please contact us via email at or speak to a support representative by calling 800-354-4915 to prevent disruption of service.