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How It Works

Preliminary Check

First, Mercury Broadband will run a preliminary check to see if you are within range of one of our towers.

Site Survey

If you are within range of a tower one of our technicians will come out and do a free site survey. During the survey, our technician will determine signal strength and stability, and the best place to install a radio receiver. After the site survey our sales team will determine which speeds we can consistently deliver.


After a plan is chosen our technician will install the radio receiver and establish a signal. The technician will determine the best place to install the radio receiver to establish the strongest possible signal. The technician will run a line to your home where it will connect to your router. From there you will be ready to connect to the internet.

Check for Service

Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Mercury Broadband offers a 14 day money back guarantee for all of our new customers. Anyone who is unsatisfied for whatever reason and chooses to discontinue service will receive a full refund. Mercury will honor a 100% money back guarantee including the installation charge.

Our Values


Connect With Your Friends and Family Today.

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Residential Services

Mercury Broadband has all of your home Internet needs covered. Whether you are a gamer, want to stay connected with family and friends, need to work from home, or are looking to stream your favorite movies and shows, Mercury has a plan for you.

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Business Services

Mercury Broadband has all of your business internet needs covered. Grow your business and better serve your customers with unlimited high speed internet with no data caps and local support.

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Digital Phone

Mercury Broadband Digital Phone offers unlimited local and long distance calling while keeping your phone number and existing phones.

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