Why Is Mercury Wifi Better?

Get Connected

Even great high-speed Internet can be ruined by weak, overwhelmed Wi-Fi.
That’s why we developed Mercury Wi-Fi Service. It is industrial-strength
Wi-Fi that thrives – even with more than 100+ connected users. Best of all,
it is a standard feature with Mercury @ Home and Mercury @ Work services.

Wired Ethernet connections are always best, but in most homes and businesses,
Wi-Fi users are too heavily penalized due to signal or congestion issues –
usually the result of outdated routers or software. The Wi-Fi penalty is
common and can be substantial. How does Mercury Wi-Fi address these issues?

We use the newest commercial-grade Wi-Fi 6 routers. You won’t find our Mercury Momentum™ router in big box stores. The closest thing they have would cost you more than $500.

The advanced Wi-Fi 6 electronics and software provide stronger signals, faster data rates, and increased capacity. Result: better coverage with improved speeds.

The router software also utilizes improved traffic management technology that minimizes the congestion that so often damages Wi-Fi performance.

Our router incorporates the new WPA3 security protocol for even better protection against hackers trying to penetrate your Wi-Fi network.

    • RESULT
    • Improved Wi-Fi data rates · Less congestion · Improved coverage
    • That’s not all.
    • Mercury Wi-Fi comes with our Wi-Fi mobile app
      and IQ features that allow you to easily manage, secure and
      optimize our Wi-Fi service.