Garrett Wiseman

Chief Executive Officer

Garrett Wiseman founded Mercury Wireless in 2007 and is also the CEO of Mercury Networks, LLC; a company that builds, designs, and manufacturers 4G Broadband radios used by the corporation and in nearly 250 other networks worldwide.

In addition to his regular duties Garrett remains active in developing Ceres: the operating software in which Mercury Wireless is being built on. Prior to Mercury, Garrett served in the United States Air Force.

Garrett studied engineering at Washburn University and graduated from the Community College of The Air Force as an honor graduate while also receiving a distinguished graduate award.

Digging Deeper

Since the founding of Mercury Wireless in 2007, Mr. Wiseman and his Company has been driven to provide fast, reliable, and unlimited Internet to connect and empower the communities he serves. Under his leadership, the Company has grown from a single wireless access site servicing a handful of rural residents to a sprawling Wireless Internet Service Provider encompassing more than 20,000 square miles in Kansas and Indiana.

Mr. Wiseman has achieved this growth through successful conceptualization, engineering, and deployment of hundreds of access sites in addition to collaboration and acquisition of numerous other ISPs. Mr. Wiseman has also successfully built a management team with a combined total of more than 75 years’ experience in the telecommunications sector including those specializing in RF engineering, telecommunications construction, project management, financial planning, and regulatory compliance.

Other Members of Management

About The Company

Mercury Broadband is a leading provider of high-speed Internet and digital phone service. The Company was founded in Topeka, KS, after recognizing a need for Broadband Internet access in rural America. A hybrid approach to serving these "last-mile" customers was developed by extending high capacity fiberoptic networks with the range, reliability, and flexibility of carrier-class wireless technologies.

Mission Statement

Mercury Broadband offers fast, reliable and unlimited internet access to connect and empower the communities we serve.