Matthew Sams

Chief of Staff

Matthew Sams joined Mercury Wireless in 2011 after graduating from Washburn University with a Bachelor’s in Business Administration. Matthew has served the company in multiple capacities including sales, support, and operations. Today Matthew assists with strategic operations, regulatory compliance, human resources management, and project management.

Digging Deeper

Matthew Sams joined Mercury Wireless in 2011 as part of the Sales, Billing, and Support team. As the Company has grown Matthew has contributed to planning and implementation of several key management initiatives including the Company’s participation in the FCCs Connect America Phase II Auction 903. In his current role as Chief of Staff, Matthew is responsible for streamlining strategic initiatives, overseeing program management, and communicating objectives between departments and the Chief Executive Officer. Additionally, Matthew is responsible for project planning, regulatory compliance, and assists with Human Resources management.

Other Members of Management

About The Company

Mercury Broadband is a leading provider of high-speed Internet and digital phone service. The Company was founded in Topeka, KS, after recognizing a need for Broadband Internet access in rural America. A hybrid approach to serving these "last-mile" customers was developed by extending high capacity fiberoptic networks with the range, reliability, and flexibility of carrier-class wireless technologies.

Mission Statement

Mercury Broadband offers fast, reliable and unlimited internet access to connect and empower the communities we serve.