Blake Wiseman


Chief Technical Officer

Blake Wiseman joined Mercury Broadband in 2008, where he began as a Field Service Technician. Blake has served the company in multiple capacities including sales, support, and operations. Today Blake oversees the operations of the company and assists with guiding and implementing its vision and strategy.

Blake has played a key role in multiple successful M&A transactions with the company throughout the past decade. Prior to Mercury, Blake studied at Washburn University.

Digging Deeper

Initially a Field Services Technician, Blake assisted with installations, repairs, and new site construction. As the Company grew Blake filled numerous roles quickly moving up to management. Currently Mr. Wiseman is responsible for the integrated commercial success of Mercury Broadband as the Chief Commercial Officer. This role includes oversight of the sales, support, and network operations team ensuring all phases of the business are in sync for growth and success.

Mr. Wiseman’s experience with the company has provided him with the opportunity to play a key role in several mergers and acquisitions, successfully integrating numerous networks segments from other ISPs into the Mercury Broadband network. Mr. Wiseman has also been responsible for drafting, implementing, and executing cross-functional decisions that have allowed the Company to achieve its long-term objectives.

In addition to oversight of the major departments within Mercury Wireless, Blake also contributes on a high-level to the network operations within the company. These additional responsibilities include training and leadership for our team of network specialists who assist in network deployment and management.

Mercury Broadband’s mission is to enhance the connected life of the communities we serve by providing reliable, smart internet solutions to underserved households and businesses.

We strive to be recognized by our customers as an invaluable partner in enabling, managing, and simplifying the increasingly diverse and complex home and business connected environments.

We serve homes, businesses, and local governments in parts of Kansas, Missouri, and Indiana. Mercury is growing rapidly and continues to expand our service areas throughout the Midwest. Please feel free to contact us with feedback and ideas on ways we can serve better.