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Troubleshooting Mercury @ Home Essential, Enhanced, or Mercury @ Work Essential:

  1. Using your Mercury @ Home or Mercury @ Work app, you should see at the top of the main screen your network name and a GREEN CHECK MARK with “Internet Connected.” If it has lost network connection, you’ll see RED X with “Internet Not Connected.” If you see a GREEN CHECK MARK, it’s connected and the issue resides with the end device(s) or Wi-Fi (see step 4 below.)
  2. If you see RED X “not connected”, look at the Mercury Momentum™ router. If there is no visible light, then there is no power to it. Check to make sure the power is on. Check for loose plugs and connections at the router. Maybe the room’s power switch is turned off, check for tripped power breakers if needed. If power was lost for even a few seconds, the router may be in the process of rebooting and connecting. Wait 5 minutes. If still no light, please call our Customer Support team at 800-354-4915.
  3. The front router light should be GREEN. If it’s amber or reddish it has power but lost its Internet connection. First, check to see if the Ethernet cable from our PoE power box (see diagram below) to the router is securely plugged at both ends. Then, check to make sure the power box’s power lights are on. If the PoE power box’s lights are off, it is lost power or died. Try unplugging it and the Ethernet cable and re-plugging it for power. When the PoE has power lights on, re-plug the Ethernet cable into the router. Wait 5 minutes or until you see a GREEN light. If the PoE power lights do not go back on or if the router’s front light is still amber-reddish, please call our Customer Support team at 800-354-4915.
  4. If there is a GREEN light on the router and the app says the router is “Internet Connected”, then there is likely an end device or Wi-Fi configuration issue. Using your Mercury @ Home or Mercury @ Work app, select “Things” from the main or bottom menu to see all of your connected devices. If you have already named all of your devices (strongly recommended), you should see the device that you’re concerned about with a green dot next to it + “Online.” If you don’t see the device that you are concerned about, then it is not connected, and the problem resides with the device.
  5. Any devices where access has been paused will have an orange light next to them. To un-pause, select the device and in the Options section at the bottom of the screen, toggle the “Internet Access” button to “On” to re-enable Wi-Fi access to that device.
  6. If you are still experiencing difficulties, please call our Customer Support team at 800-354-4915.

Troubleshooting Other Mercury Internet Services:

Check the Power and Connection of Your Devices
Check the Power and Connection of Your Devices

If you have verified all connections are secure and plugged in correctly, it may be helpful to restart your devices.

  1. Power cycle your router. In most cases this can be done by removing the AC adapter cable from the rear of the device, allowing 10 vseconds for it to power down, and plugging the AC adapter cable back in
  2. If there is no wireless router present, perform a full restart of your PC, Tablet, or other Internet connected devices.

Once you have restarted your devices, allow 1-2 minutes for devices to fully power on and connect before checking your connection again.

Restart Your Mercury Broadband Equipment
  1. If you have restarted your devices but are still experiencing a connection issue, follow the steps below to restart the Mercury Broadband Equipment.
  2. Located the PoE referenced in diagram 1-a. This power adapter will be located inside the home or business and should resemble a small power brick with LED indicator lights active.
  3. 1Remove the AC (power) cable from the rear of the PoE. This cable will be plugged opposite the side with Ethernet cables. Allow 10 seconds for the device to power down. Reconnect the AC cable to the rear of the PoE and make sure the connection is secure.
  4. Allow 2 minutes for the Mercury Broadband equipment to re-connect to the network, and test your connection again.
Bypass Your Wireless Router

If you have restarted both your personal devices and the Mercury equipment but are still experiencing a connection issue, follow the steps below to check for the presence of an Internet connection when plugged directly into the Mercury Broadband equipment.

  1. Verify the PoE adapter has power. This can be done by verifying the AC cable is plugged into a outlet and checking for the presence of an indicator light.
  2. Disconnect the Ethernet connection plugged into the WAN or Internet port on your router. This is often marked WAN, Internet, or highlighted by a yellow box on the rear of the wireless router.
  3. Plug this same Ethernet connection directly into your PC laptop or desktop.
  4. Perform a full restart of your computer.