Understanding Your Bill


1. Name and billing address associated with account

2.  Snapshot of key billing information including

    1. Account Number – Customer account number, used for account reference and creation of online account access at http://www.mercurybroadband.com
    2. Statement Number – The unique ID for each statement generated on the account
    3. Billing Date – The date the statement generates in the system making it available for download or mail
    4. Total Amount Due – Total of all charges due on the statement due date. This will include monthly recurring service charges, one-time charges, discounts, credits, and fees
    5. Autopay Date – If you are enrolled in Autopay, this is the date the charges will be processed and applied to your account. This is always on the due date of your invoice

3.  Monthly Statement Summary – A summary of the last statement balance, payments received, new charges, and the total amount due on the statement due date.

4.  New Charges Summary – All new charges generated on this statement including monthly recurring charges, one time charges, credits, taxes, and fees

5.  Remittance Slip – Return this portion of the statement if you are mailing a check or money order

6.  Mercury Broadband Contact Information – Should you have any questions about your statement, use the contact information to reach customer service

7.  Itemized Breakdown – A complete break down of charges, credits, taxes, and fees with the service address listed for each item. If the item is taxable, there is a “T” next to it.

Understanding Your Billing Cycle

Mercury Broadband bills on a pre-paid basis. This means your statement due date is also the first day of the new billing cycle. As an example, if your invoice is due January 1st, the payment applied to this statement will cover service from January 1st to January 31st.

What to Expect with Your First Mercury Broadband Statement

Your billing cycle is based on your installation date. This means the initial invoice will generate within 24 hours of installation and be sent via E-mail or postal mail on the next business day. As an example, if you are installed on January 1st, your initial statement will be sent to you on the next business day, due on receipt.

Your 2nd Mercury Broadband statement will generate 20 days before the next due date. This means your 2nd statement will arrive approximately 10 days after the first since we bill on a pre-paid basis. Both statements 1 and 2 are exempt from late charges to allow you time to establish your account, payment methods, and address any questions you have with the initial statements.

Understanding the Charges, Taxes, and Fees on Your Statement

Mercury Broadband recurring Internet charges are not subject to any taxes or fees. However, installation, labor, hardware, custom configuration, or digital phone services will all be subject to local sales tax.

We do not charge any usage, overage, or equipment rental fees. Mercury may, at our discretion, charge late fees, or suspension fees when payments are not processed by the due date listed on the statement.

What Happens to your Statement if You Change Your Service

If you upgrade, downgrade, add, or remove any services or if you are assessed any charges, credits, or fees they will be applicable on the next billing cycle. As an example, if your invoice is due January 1st, it will generate on December 10th and any applicable changes to the account will be processed.

What to Do if You’ve Received a Late Payment or Suspension Notification

If you have received a late payment, suspension, or collections notification please contact billing by E-mailing billing@mercurybroadband.com or speak to a support representative by calling (800) 354-4915 to prevent disruption of service.

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