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  1. Name and Billing Address Associated with Account

  2. Snapshot of Key Billing Information, including

    • Account Number –
      Customer account number, used for account reference and creation of online account access at
    • Statement Number –
      The unique ID for each statement generated on the account
    • Billing Date –
      The date the statement generates in the system making it available for download or mail
    • Total Amount Due –
      Total of all charges due on the statement due date. This will include monthly recurring service charges, one-time charges, discounts, credits, and fees
    • Autopay Date –
      If you are enrolled in Autopay, this is the date the charges will be processed and applied to your account. This is always on the due date of your invoice
  3. Monthly Statement Summary

    A summary of the last statement balance, payments received, new charges, and the total amount due on the statement due date.

  4. New Charges Summary

    All new charges generated on this statement including monthly recurring charges, one time charges, credits, taxes, and fees

  5. Remittance Slip

    Return this portion of the statement if you are mailing a check or money order

  6. Mercury Broadband Contact Information

    Should you have any questions about your statement, use the contact information to reach customer service

  7. Itemized Breakdown

    A complete break down of charges, credits, taxes, and fees with the service address listed for each item. If the item is taxable, there is a “T” next to it.

  8. – Fees May Apply –

  9. How to Set-Up Autopay

    visit this link to set up automatic payments: Setting Up Autopay